Macy Monument

Historic Elements

Tucked behind beautiful rhododendron bushes is a large granite rock with a plaque honoring V. Everit Macy, 1871-1930. V. E. Macy built a successful chain of newspapers in Westchester and was the first Commissioner of Public Welfare. As commissioner, he oversaw the growth of the Grasslands poorhouse complex into the first county hospital in New York, now Westchester Medical Center. While many of his countless acts of generosity went unheralded, his achievements as Superintendent of the Poor and President of the Westchester County Park Commission were widely known. David Rockefeller, Jr. called him “the kindest man I ever knew.” A portion of the 172-acre Macy Park, bisected by the Saw River Parkway and NY State Thruway, lies within the trailway system.