Opened in September 2012, the O’Hara Nature Center is a model of energy efficient and green design. The ONC is located on Mountain Road where it is surrounded by 400 acres of forested trails and ecosystems bursting with rich History. Programs and community events are offered throughout the year. The space is also available to rent.

The mission of the O’Hara Nature Center (ONC) is to promote the community’s enjoyment and exploration of the woods; to educate and involve the community in understanding our local environment; and to demonstrate concepts in sustainability that will inspire the community to live in balance with nature.

The O’Hara Nature Center fulfills its mission in several ways:

  • The O’Hara Nature Center building itself is a model of energy efficiency and ‘green design.’
  • The ONC provides educational Programming and hands-on demonstrations for the Irvington Community and Schools.
  • The Center features many Demonstration Gardens of designed to work harmoniously with the environment to preserve the water resources and provide a natural habitat for pollinators.
  • The Nature Center is very much a community driven and supported resource relying heavily on donations and volunteer efforts.