The Irvington Woods Committee (IWC) was established in 2011 by the Village of Irvington to help the Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee (RPAC) oversee the operations of the O’Hara Nature Center, the Peter Oley Trailway System and the lands adjacent to the Irvington Reservoir. Generally, the committee works to develop policies and organize volunteer efforts to maintain and improve these scenic resources. In particular, the committee is charged with: 1) promoting the community’s enjoyment and exploration of the Irvington Woods; 2) educating and involving the community in developing an appreciation and understanding of our unique local ecosystem; and 3) demonstrating and encouraging sustainability concepts and practices that will inspire all of us to live in balance with the natural systems upon which all life depends.

Committee Members:

Joe Archino
Maureen DePaoli
Nikki Coddington
Richard Goldman
Alexander Goldsmith
Rocco Rasulo

David Zwiebel
Amy Sherwood
Chris DePaoli
Heather Bancroft
Marc Barrachin

We are currently seeking new members. To learn more, please contact or any of our members.