Soil and Pollinator Research Project (2020 – 2021)

Below is a link to the year-long research project that looked at how the native plants in the 11 educational gardens supported pollinating insect biodiversity at the O’Hara Nature Center.

The research work was done in partnership with the Cornell Waste Management Institute and the New York State Department of Transportation. NYSDOT will use the data collected from the O’Hara Nature Center’s research work to help develop specifications for manufactured topsoil mixes used on roadside landscaping projects across New York State that support the establishment of native pollinator-friendly plant populations.

Pollinator and Soil Survey Project (2020 – 2021)

We hope this document can serve as a case study to inspire individuals and communities to start or continue developing pollinator gardens or meadow areas that utilize native plants to support, maintain, and expand habits for pollinating species in our communities.


The Irvington Recreation and Parks Department

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