Public Service Announcement

Dear Irvington Residences,

If you see this invasive pest, “PLEASE, PLEASE, DESTROY IT” and notify the Irvington Recreation and Parks Department and NYS DEC. Spotted Lantern Flies (SFL) have devastated areas of Pennsylvania and are now chewing their way through New Jersey.


Here’s a handy ID sheet:


The SLF is a beautiful-looking insect, so it may seem counterintuitive to smash it, but hordes of them are on their way, and they will quickly damage area trees, plants, and our prized Irvington Woods Park. In addition, they leave a sticky mess behind, which is very unpleasant. Next summer, you may find your outdoor furniture coated in a sticky residue and these flies landing on your neck or fluttering in your face.


If we can identify, destroy, and alert each other of the potential harm and destruction of the SLF, our collective effort to eradicate them WILL make a difference in these early stages before they can establish themselves.


For more information or reporting, don’t hesitate to get in touch with


Thank you for your cooperation and help!


Recreation and Parks Department

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