Irvington Woods-Carry In and Carry Out

Please know the rules for the Irvington Woods Park and Halsey Pond Park regarding trash.

“Carry In and Carry Out”! Leave no trace behind,

Trash cans do not work as they become dumping grounds for household trash, car trash and much more. Every time we put cans out they are abused. They are your parks, please help take care of them, With COVID Restrictions DPW and Park’s do not have the ability to check these locations as often as we would like.
Report abuse to the Office at 914-591-7736 or email Attach a photo if possible.
When someone takes the time to send us, a message or makes a call regarding a problem in or around either park we assign a crew as quickly as possible to address. the situation. We do not respond to Facebook conversation.
Enjoy our woods and be part of the solution!

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